The Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire growth and transformative healing in individuals and families who are facing difficult life circumstances. Through wisdom sharing, experiential learning and community partnership building, we support others in finding balance and conscious well-being to continue the growth and healing.

The Need

The Need

There is a need for holistic, alternative resources and education to improve quality of life. There is also a need for community and a sense of belonging. Community inspired programs using holistic approaches of support such as group drumming, guided imagery, breathing and meditation can bring a sense of connection that inspire healing and hope.

Veteran Holistic Care

With the suicide rate among military sky rocketing to 22 soldiers a day in 2012, the need for alternative ways and methods to help soldiers is in the forefront. Recent studies are showing that modalities such as Healing Touch, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness Practice and Neurofeedback are greatly reducing symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and supporting quality of life where traditional methods are failing to support change. For more information supporting the need of holistic care and supporting research you may read the following articles: Mindfulness Marine Study, Guided Imagery Marine Study, Healing Touch Study, Neurofeedback Study, Meditation Study

Community Holistic Care

According to the American Psychological Association 2012 survey findings, Americans struggle to keep their stress to levels they believe are healthy. For many Americans, stress is on the rise — 35 percent of Americans say their stress increased in 2012. Also the APA reports how American’s are dealing with their stress in unhealthy ways with 42 percent of people surveyed reporting lying awake, 25 percent eating to manage stress, listening to music (48 percent), reading (40 percent) or watching television or movies for more than two hours per day (34 percent) are strategies used for managing stress, with thirteen percent reporting drinking alcohol to deal with stress.

The Impact

The Impact

Since our work began in 2002, participants of our events, workshops and programs have shared their positive experiences. Through their sharing and our observations of our work together we have found the impact of our work has been heartfelt and moving. The following is a list of healing effects that have been experienced by participants.

Healing Effects

  • Reduced feelings of depression
  • Greater vitality
  • Elimination of headaches and physical pain
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Transformation of suicidal thoughts
  • Feelings of creativity and inspiration
  • Feelings of hope, healing and restored connection in marriages
  • Healing of hidden feelings of grief, despair and anger
  • Feelings of friendship and trust
  • Restoration of spiritual connection
  • Inspired movement in wounded unmovable limbs
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Feelings of gratitude
  • Experiences of deep peace and contentment
  • Feelings of happiness and community
  • A new understanding of health
  • Motivation to become healthy
  • Motivation to take care of oneself and others
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Increase in self compassion
  • Increased desire to change negative emotional patterns
  • Increase desire to be open to new approaches of healing
  • Increase openness to love
  • A greater understanding of what it means to be resilient