Resiliency is a moving, breathing state of being. Being a resilient person doesn’t mean you will never live through tough times, it means that you have the ability to ride the waves of challenge with flexibility and insight knowing that when the wave ends you will return to life wiser, stronger and more alive.

The Philosophy

When a person’s willingness and desire for change is nurtured by wisdom, love and community, healing happens. Lives can be changed and hope restored.

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The Purpose

To inspire growth and healing in others, we take the journey together to learn more, feel more and experience the power of who we truly are.

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Our Approach

Our Approach - Rick's hand with horse
Living a life in balance needs awareness and compassion. When we feel broken, we can begin to heal by seeing ourselves on all levels with a forgiving heart.

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The Benefits of Drumming

The Benefits of Druming - Masoud
The first sound we ever heard is the sounds of our mother’s heart beat. Rhythm has been a part of our experience since our very first moments of being, our refuge, a safe place to be inspired and find joy.

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