Veteran Resiliency

An innovative healing program for veterans, active duty military, and their families that address the everyday stress, anxiety and depression experienced by service men and women and their families.

The Vision

To provide wounded veterans and their families with current information, resources and healing tools to help cope with their emotional, physical and psychological wounds of war.

The Method

A multi-modal healing approach; with programs including integrative methods of drumming, rhythm, movement, guided imagery, energy healing techniques, mindfulness practice, massage therapy, equine assisted therapy, breathing techniques and meditation. This holistic approach promotes self-empowerment, well-being and encourages quality of life and post-traumatic growth.


Veteran Resiliency workshops provide tools and support for veterans on their journey to resiliency and empowerment.

Stand InBalance

An interactive learning program that engages horses to help restore the balance in people’s lives, as well as gives them the tools to face life’s challenges with resilience, strength and personal power. The program challenges participants physically, mentally, socially and soulfully. We fund 3-5 veteran equine workshops a year.

Operation Surf

A program that seek to provide results-driven, nature-based programs advocating the restorative power of the ocean and surfing as a form of wellness for injured bodies, minds, and souls. To help wounded and injured active-duty military and veteran heroes move forward in a positive direction through an epic, life-changing surfing experience that builds confidence and healing. One wave at a time.

G.I. Josie

A program designed to provide non-clinical therapeutic programs to women veterans to help alleviate their suffering from Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder offering them hope of a trauma free future. G.I Josie’s mission is to deliver safe, nature-based housing communities with a variety of proven therapy options and career advancement opportunities.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation

We provide and match veterans with the best dog companion for them. The dogs are trained to help with PTSD and mental disorders. VP Dogs will utilize a Board certified PSTD trained animal behaviorist to execute the training program over a 120-day period. The program covers all professional service dog training, education programming, administration cost and all other affiliated costs for the veteran.

Mindful Veteran Project

A program to guide veterans in an orientation to and in practical, simple, secular tools of mindfulness, empowering them to cultivate their inner strengths, support their own well-being, participate in their healing process, explore new possibilities, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life to Be Free, Be Well, and Be Whole in their daily lives.

Veterans Yoga Project

An educational program that aims to maximize military veterans’ ability to undo the nervous system dysfunctions that cause stress-related conditions. Through yoga practices, the program teaches breathing, meditation, mindful movement, guided rest and gratitude to help relieve these symptoms. We fund 2-4 veteran yoga workshops a year.


INSPIRE’s initiative is to help indigenous high school students complete their education and become more politically involved. With workshops across various Native American high schools, INSPIRE has helped over a hundred students complete their education and pursue their career.We fund three Native American Youth Leadership Education Workshops at Tribal High Schools

Reins of H.O.P.E

An interactive program that helps improve individual’s mental health as well as provide relief from pain using equine therapy. Reins of H.O.P.E offers a wide range of programs including summer and spring break camps for Native American and veterans’ children. We fund two children of veterans and native americans workshops.


 The Native American Veteran Association is an advocate for veterans and their families. Assisting tribal and non-tribal families on employment services and emotional recovery, NAVA strives to help tribal and non-tribal families reintegrate into society. We fund a monthly wellbriety program for Native American veterans.

Simonton Center

The Simonton Cancer Center provides resources and retreats for cancer patients and their families, including veterans. Their mission is to help those affected from cancer and provide as much emotional and physical support through the practice of Psychoneuroimmunology. We fund two to four partial scholarships for veterans to attend cancer retreats.


Veteran Resiliency Retreats inspire, educate and serve wounded veterans so they themselves can make the intentional steps needed to bring their lives back to balance.

Growth & Healing

Veteran Retreats are designed to educate wounded veterans on how to connect with each other and use holistic healing tools to empower themselves and one another.

DSC_0451Guided by professionals in the fields of mindfulness, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, health and music, our veterans are given tools and resources to help them with the physical and invisible wounds of war.

Participants learn how to be more aware of their individual experience of PTSD, how their body gives them cues and responds to stress and how to be aware of the signals of the body in order to respond with awareness and calm.

Veterans learn about PTSD as not being an incurable disease but a dis-regulation of energy, mind and body that can be broken down and explained through neuroscience, physiology, psychology and holistic philosophy.

IMG_0753They learn skills to help them respond to their individual needs and experience hands on practice applying these skills during activities such as drumming, equine assisted therapy and ropes course challenges that provide unique opportunities to stretch and transform their perceptions of their life circumstance and their personal power.

Participants live together in a calm and relaxing environment where group interaction and spontaneous sharing happens throughout the day.

Five-day retreats, weekend retreats and day long workshops all provide participants with various levels of tools and hands on practice to support their desire for a strong and resilient life.

Picture Gallery

Our veterans are their own healers. We are here to guide them and to teach them to heal themselves and one another. Here are some inspiring moments of our veterans at work.

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The Rockstar & the Warrior

In June of 2012, Rick Allen of Def Leppard and John Roberts of Wounded Warrior Project came together to share their stories and help others with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The campaign, nicknamed “The Rockstar and the Warrior” has the humble goal to normalize PTSD and to reduce the stigma that damages the lives of veterans and civilians every day.

Campaign for Awareness

An international outreach through social and mainstream media encouraging conversation, education and social debate about society’s uninformed judgments and stigmas of post-traumatic stress.


Together John Roberts and Rick Allen share their own life experiences living with and healing trauma through personal interviews with press, radio, television and social media.

The Rock Star and the Warrior Program is about speaking out to raise consciousness and help others living with PTSD. Rick and John have been interviewed by radio and tv shows all over the nation and they continue on their path. Here are a few of the interviews:

The Rockstar Read more about Rick Allen 

The Warrior John Roberts served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 14 years. He was injured in a helicopter crash in March of 1992 and sustained third degree burns to 80% of his body. After spending a year in a burn unit at Brooks Army Medical Center undergoing 63 surgeries and two years in physical therapy, John started his new mission to help fellow veterans with Wounded Warrior Project and created their first Project Odyssey program. Through his life experience of suffering from the devastating symptoms of PTSD John has been on his own path to healing and has achieved a life that is not ruled by the disabling effects of trauma. Together with other veterans John embraces new ways of healing himself and others and now serves WWP as EVP in Warrior Relations educating, guiding and serving veterans as peer mentor and advisor.

The Story

After a visit to Walter Reed Military hospital in 2006, Rick Allen decided to focus his non-profit on helping veterans due to the strong connection he felt with the wounded veterans. While visiting the hospital, Allen met several wounded veterans who would later become part of an organization called Wounded Warrior Project. Fast forward 2 years and Rick is reunited with one of these veterans and the relationship between Allen’s nonprofit and WWP officially begins.

As programs are building, Allen and WWP staff, retired Marine, John Roberts meet. They were different in all aspects including where they are from, their careers, their goals. However, after their accidents, their lives looked remarkably similar. The dark days of self-destructive behavior, anger, and deep depression ran through the lives of both men and now each of them have come to a place of healing and accepting their circumstance as their “New Normal”.

Rick and John’s friendship grew to become a mission to share and educate the world about PTSD by speaking out, raising public awareness and supporting others living through the dark days of post trauma.

Veteran Gatherings

One of the common coping mechanisms of individuals and families suffering from post-traumatic stress is isolation. Our Veteran Gatherings offer a healthy and fun space for our veterans to get together and enjoy a positive experience.

Time to Share

Veteran Gatherings are informal sharing events led by Rick Allen, John Roberts and Lauren Monroe Allen for veterans and their families held at selected locations across the United States.

DSC_0041Veteran Gatherings began as special backstage events at Def Leppard concerts where veterans and their families received tickets and backstage passes to meet Rick and have a night out together to enjoy music. This event soon evolved into heartfelt and powerful sharing opportunities for those struggling with post combat stress and the effects of PTSD.

DSC_0044At each gathering Rick shares his own personal story of trauma and healing and various topics regarding healing PTSD are shared and discussed by the group. Information on holistic healing approaches is presented to veterans and their families and all participating have the opportunity to speak and ask questions.

Not only is this event a fun way for veterans and their families to get out and connect with one another, but it’s also a way for them to be heard, share and learn more about creating healing and balance for themselves and their family.


Our Approach - Rick's hand with horse
Sometimes all it takes to inspire a veteran to begin their healing journey is for them to connect with another person who has already made it through the toughest of times.


Veteran holistic care and education has been a service of Raven Drum Foundation since 2007. As we continue on the path of outreach and healing for our veteran and their families, we are grateful for each and every veteran and family member we have met over the years who have helped inspire and shape our programs today. Here is a list of our outreach.
  • Veteran Resiliency Week Retreat – Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Veteran Couples Reunion – Malibu, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Couples Odyssey – Malibu CA
  • Veteran Spouses Day Retreats – Malibu, CA
  • Veteran Gatherings Backstage Def Leppard – USA
  • Veteran Family Nights Def Leppard – USA
  • Wounded Warrior Womens Odyssey – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Odyssey Retreat – Park City, UT
  • Pt. Mugu U.S. Navy Military Base – Oxnard, CA
  • VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center – L.A., CA
  • Sepulveda Vet Center Women’s Group – L.A., CA
  • Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital – San Antonio, TX