Community Drum Circle

The first sound we ever heard was our mother’s heartbeat: the rhythm of life. Each and every one of our ancestors came from a family of people who all sat around a fire and communicated through percussion, rattles and drums. We all healed each other. We all took care of one another. We grieved the dead together and celebrated birth and life together.

A Place to Heal

When we come into a drum circle, we enter a sacred place as community without judgment and mistrust, but with respect and compassion to heal one another and bring into focus the possibilities of who we truly are.


The power of community can restore our faith in ourselves. Sharing a common vision and being supported by others can change how we feel about moving forward into the unknown. A drum circle itself is a metaphor for community with individuals of many beliefs and backgrounds coming together to share in a vision of healing and growth.


A trusted conduit of energy for thousands of years, the rhythm of the drum can bring body, mind and spirit back into balance. It can connect us to a higher source of knowing and open us to experiencing the colorful landscape of ourselves. The drum can be a guide and teacher when we enter a drum circle, we can trust in the rhythm to carry us deeper into healing and connectivity.


Without beginning, without end, a circle is a symbol of being in the present. In the circle we remain in a place of awareness, in the moment, without future or past. It is a place for us to listen and experience without agenda or map, where the mind can rest. Since ancient times the circle has been revered as a sacred place of safety and wholeness where healing can take place.

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Photo Gallery

Through out the years we have been able to photograph some of the wonderful community elements of our work. The people, places and events that inspired our mission and have shaped our work are here for you to enjoy.

Picture Gallery

The Community Drum Circle brings people of all backgrounds and walks of life together. We are all just one playing a drum joined by the music itself and the experience of being in community.

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Drum Circle Outreach

Over the years Raven Drum has reached out to individuals and organizations in the United States and abroad helping others on their path to healing and empowerment. Here are some of the people and organizations we have served.

Community Outreach

  • Scherer Institute of Natural Healing: Integrated Approach to Trauma Intervention Conference – NM
  • Lotus Project: Women Survivors of Abuse and Violence – CA
  • Rhythm is Cure Workshop with Allessandra Belloni
  • Haven House: Women Survivors of Abuse and Violence – CA
  • Earth Day Festival – CA
  • Chumash Interpretive Center – CA
  • Mercy Corp: Community Empowerment Post Katrina- New Orleans, LA
  • Big Heart Ranch Equine Therapy -CA
  • The Simonton Cancer Center – CA
  • Weston Park Hospital/Cancer Care -England
  • Scott Newman Center:Families Recovering from Violence and Substance Abuse. – CA

Youth Outreach

  • Empowerment Drum Series – Point Mugu Naval Base, CA
  • Drum Ensemble for At-Risk Youth – Haiti
  • Drum Ensemble for Incarcerated Teens – CA
  • Make a Wish Foundation – National
  • Drum Council for Incarcerated Teens – CA
  • Wisdom Keepers: Elder/Youth Mentorship
  • Malibu High School Special Needs – CA
  • Fogo Es Fuerza: Children’s Wellness – Monterrey, Mexico
  • Fogo es Fuerza Children’s Wellness – Saltillo, Mexico
  • Camp Kilpatrick Boys Detention Center – CA
  • Ventura County Juvenile Detention Center – CA
  • Children’s Lifesaving Foundation- CA
  • LA’s Best Enrichment Program, Unified School District – CA
  • Painted Turtle: Children with life threatening illness – CA

Veteran Outreach

  • Veteran Gathering – National
  • Veteran Resiliency Workshop – Malibu, CA
  • WomenVeterans Wild Horse Workshop – CA
  • WWP Couples Odysseys –  Malibu, CA
  • WWP Womens Odyssey – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Project Odyssey Retreat – Park City, UT
  • Los Angeles County Veteran Hopitols – CA
  • Pt. Mugu U.S. Navy Military Base – Oxnard, CA
  • Veteran Affairs Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Vet Center Women’s Group – Los Angeles, CA
  • Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital – San Antonio, TX
  • New Mexico Women Veterans – New Mexico