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Big Love Benefit Concerts

In response to the effects COVID has had on the live music industry, we are hosting several benefit concerts to support the crew members who have supported musicians in live performance for all of their lives. Please join us this December (date and link to come!) as Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe, Billy Idol, Ringo Starr, Wynonna Judd and many more come together to help with family on the road.
Our co-founder, Lauren Monroe, has founded a movement to better the world, help those in need. We aim to engage and activate the love within us all to move humanity forward and upward! We are so honored to be a part of Big Love Army.
We need Big Love in our world, we need to spread it, and we need to do it together! I’m so happy to create a group that’s going to be a very special experience for all of us to share, brainstorm, and to create how we want to disseminate this information of Big Love and be of service in the world. – CoFounder Lauren Monroe

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In addition to Big Love Army, proceeds from Lauren Monroe’s new single titled Big Love are being donated to our rapid response programs assisting those in need during these unprecedented times. These programs include basic human necessities for the homeless of Los Angeles (many of them veterans), education and financial help for veterans, stress management and physical health/wellbeing for veterans and their family members through a variety of methods including equine therapy, water therapy, nature therapy, yoga therapy, music therapy, and other complementary healing modalities.

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Legendary rockers Tommy Shaw and Rick Allen previewed their upcoming performance, The Big Love Benefit Concert. “Los Angeles, CA: January 2021 – At a time in which the music industry is reeling from the loss of touring and live performance leaving career musicians and music industry workers to struggle through... Read

Brett Callwood Of LA Weekly Designates The Big Love Benefit Concert La Weekly’s Music Pick!!!

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This one is important. Singer/songwriter Lauren Monroe and Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen host a live streamed concert to benefit the many musicians financially impacted by this COVID lockdown. They say: “The iconic drummer of Def Leppard takes the stage along with Lauren Monroe and the Big Love Band, some... Read

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