21 Ways to Resiliency Book by Lauren Monroe

“I wish I had guidelines like 21 Ways during the most difficult times in my life. Everyone can benefit from the insight in this book. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and read time after time to help you find inspiration and direction within yourself.”
Rick Allen (Drummer, Def Leppard)



There are times in life when we have clear direction and purpose, when we feel empowered and inspired. There are also times when we can feel completely disconnected, lost, or out of control.
21 Ways to Resiliency is an introductory guide, a map, of the paths you may take while climbing up into the steep unknown. We all know that life doesn’t offer us just one mountain to climb, but challenges us with a lifelong journey of climbing mountain after mountain, some small, others apparently insurmountable. How we ascend and arrive at the pinnacle shapes who we are, how we grow, and ultimately how we become a resilient and happy person.
You may wish to read this book from cover to cover or to open it randomly to a page for guidance or inspiration with a particular issue in mind. You will find insights which can support you to become stronger, more aware, and empowered. The following pages also include techniques and activities I encourage you to actually try in your own life. Being active and open to heal in times of stress can bring many gifts of learning, give it a try and see what happens.
The lists and insights within this book have been gathered throughout the years of my work as a teacher, healer, and advisor to courageous people: men, women, and children who have struggled with and overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual crisis. It is written to serve you in your exploration and journey to heal and grow, and can be read over and over again.
May your days ahead be blessed with many moments of awakening so you can become the powerful and radiant person your soul is ready to be.
— Lauren Monroe Allen

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