Water, Cleansing and Optimal Health

Listen in as Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe discuss the healing properties of water and cleansing for optimal health with super foods guru, Darin Olien.

Does drinking water really make you feel and look better?

How can cleansing the body help reset the mind and give you maximum energy? These questions and more will be answered in this information packed interview.

Darin Olien founded Darin’s Naturals in 2005 as a means to integrate the numerous concepts related to health, nutrition, and exercise gained while acquiring a BA in Exercise Physiology/Nutrition, an MA in Psychology, and over 2 decades of experience working in several health-based industries.  Since then, Darin has traveled the planet on behalf of Darin’s Naturals, discovering new and underutilized herbs, superfood, and medicinal plants.  Darin’s complete immersion in the indigenous cultures found across the globe have helped to expand his knowledge as a formulator and environmental initiator.

Presently, Darin is working on 15 ground-breaking whole food formulations for Beachbody and is the formulator, ingredient hunter, and co-creator of The Ultimate Reset Detoxification and Cleansing Program and the very successful whole food meal replacement, Shakeology. Darin’s Naturals has already successfully sourced over 300 foods and ingredients from around the world and continues to work directly with the indigenous people of Peru, Amazon, Himalayas, Remote China, Costa, Rica, Yucatan, and others. All of Darin’s international collaborations strongly support fair trading practices. His work closely follows the belief that the discovery of new, healthful ingredients should benefit the health of individuals worldwide, while also contributing to the economies and social structures of the regions.