Healthy Thinking

Join us for a riveting and life-changing interview on “Healthy Thinking” with world-renown healer, Karen Simonton. Karen will discuss the concept of “Healthy Thinking”. The way we think, the way we process information and handle our expectations can be framed in a more healthy way. Karen helps us understand this concept.

Karen Simonton is the Executive Director of the Simonton Cancer Center. She is an amazing human being and a gifted healer. Karen as been a friend or Raven Drum for many years and served on the board of directors for 5+ years.

The Simonton Cancer Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and lives of cancer patients and their families through psycho-social oncology. Founded by Dr. O. Carl Simonton(1942-2009) the Simonton Center was the first cancer counseling program to recognize the role and importance of family and personal support and to include them in the treatment plan. After almost 40 years of operation, the Simonton Cancer Center has helped tens of thousands of patients and their families, and still attracts national and worldwide attention. Thanks to our expertly trained and committed staff, we are able to continue this visionary work.