Health and Resiliency: Immune Boosting for Fall

Join us for information packed show with Catie Wyman-Norris. Catie is the nutritionist to the stars, founder of Energy Essentials Wellness Centers and creator of the new television show “The Cures In The Kitchen”, Catie Norris is a mother, lecturer, researcher, national television wellness advocate, and formulator of whole food supplements. She is also the Author of “Magnetic Miracles” A “How to” Guide to the Use of Magnetics for Radiant Health. Catie has first hand knowledge of Resiliency by surviving a rare blood disease and living an active life with chronic Lyme disease. Catie helps people all over the world with life threatening and chronic disease through sharing her life experience and knowledge of health, nutrition and wellness.

On this show we discuss fall colds, seasonal immune boosters, simple ways to up our energy levels, the importance of sleep and exercise, and more!



Energy Esentials:

Cures in the Kitchen: