Healing and Consciousness: Biofield Therapy Part 2

Join Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe and Moon Calhoun  with special guest Kathy Moreland Layte RN, MScN, HTCP/I as they discuss the power of intention, awareness and how  the roles of the mind and heart effect healing.

Kathy Moreland Layte RN, MScN, HTCP/I has been involved in HT since 1994 and a certified practitioner since 1998. She has been a Registered Nurse in a variety of roles in Canada and the United States in Oncology and Palliative Care. Until recently she had a private practice in Healing Touch. Currently, she is a full-time professor of nursing in the McMaster/Mohawk/Conestoga Collaborative BScN program and is pursuing her PhD in nursing. She enjoys her role as the Editor of “Research Corner” in Energy Magazine, a quarterly article highlighting research related topics and currently co-chairs HTP’s Research Advisory Council. She loves teaching and bringing Healing Touch to students and conventional health care settings. Her true passions in life are her children, Alexis and Austin.

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