Subtle Energy & Rhythm

An introduction to Subtle Energy Healing and Rhythm Therapy  On this special episode Rick and Lauren will talk about Energy Medicine and its impact on physical, emotional and spiritual health. Learn more about subtle energy healing and how energy awareness and practice can support resiliency. Rick will be discussing the phantom limb effect and will be sharing his own personal stories of how the power of subtle energy changed his way of thinking after he lost his arm. A portion of this show will be interactive so listeners at home can participate with Rick and Lauren and experience energy healing through the power of rhythm, breathing and visualization.Participant Information:

If you’d like to participate in Episode 3 of Resiliency Radio we recommend the following so that you can have a deep and meaningful experience:

  • Don’t have a drum?

An instrument isn’t necessary. You can use a box of rice or pasta, or anything that creates a rhythmic sound. You can use your hands on a table or on your legs. For this experience, it”s not so much about the sound as it is about cultivating your awareness around yourself and allowing your mind to rest.

If you have a drum, shaker or percussion intrument and you would like to play it, that’s great. Please join in. If not, no worries.. you will still benefit.

  • Turn off cell phones and land line phone ringers
  • Lower the Lights
  • Listen in a location where you can be for 15 min undisturbed and as quiet as possible.
  • Sit in a comfortable position either in a chair/sofa or on the floor if you are actively participating in the rhythm work.
If you want to simply listen and not actively participate in making sound you can lie down and focus on your breathing and the music.NOTE: We will have a 3min. break prior to our interactive segment of the show, so you will have a brief time to prepare:

If you’d like to create a sacred space prior to tuning in you can do so as well. Here is more information on how: 21 Ways to Build Resiliency