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Teaching Peace to Children

How do we teach our children to be balanced, compassionate and loving people in a world where they are constantly being shown that competition, violence and materialism makes you a powerful person? In our last Project Resiliency Chat, one of our participants asked that we look at how we can… Read

Being in Gratitude

This month Rick and I were fortunate to spend a week with wounded warriors during our Warrior Resiliency Retreat. To put it mildly, when you work with warriors in a healing setting, you have the opportunity to witness deep and courageous healing. Our warriors have the unique skills of being… Read

Choosing Peace Over Stress

Choosing Peace over stress is a practice that can change your life from feeling out of control to centered and present. This article written by teacher and scientist Joan Borysenko gives an informative and entertaining description of how we can choose peace in moments of stress and learn how to… Read