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From Hole to Whole

By Christie Batt One day while walking, a man fell into a deep, dark hole. His anxious cries for help first attracted a priest, who told the man he would pray for him. Next appeared a doctor, who stated that she would write him a prescription for his anxiety. Yet the… Read

How To Let Go Of Fear And Lean Into Love

With all of the uncertainty the world is offering right now, feelings of fear can readily make their way into our everyday experience. Throughout my life, I’ve learned and applied various techniques to working with fear and learned how to overcome and redefine how fear affects my life. The one… Read

How to Manage Our Busy Days with Grace

What do you sacrifice in the name of your busy days? Stress-free dinners with loved ones? A sound night’s sleep? A game of free throw with friends? Peace of mind? Despite study after study indicating that overworking reduces productivity (not to mention its effect on joy), Americans seem to grow busier and… Read

Boundaries & Happiness

By Jodi Gaines  Draw a line in the sand on a crowded public beach, and wait. Soon enough, that line will be crossed — by a person, a bird, a wave or even a random gust of wind. Think of a boundary as just that — an artificially drawn line… Read