The Currency of Connection

By Jessie May Wolfe Founder of, speaker, mentor and inspirational guide We live in a world of connectivity, each of us plugged into a multitude of devices that allow us to communicate and to curate our lives for public consumption. Nonetheless, we remain desperately disconnected, longing for belonging and… Read

From Hole to Whole

By Christie Batt One day while walking, a man fell into a deep, dark hole. His anxious cries for help first attracted a priest, who told the man he would pray for him. Next appeared a doctor, who stated that she would write him a prescription for his anxiety. Yet the… Read

How To Let Go Of Fear And Lean Into Love

With all of the uncertainty the world is offering right now, feelings of fear can readily make their way into our everyday experience. Throughout my life, I’ve learned and applied various techniques to working with fear and learned how to overcome and redefine how fear affects my life. The one… Read

It Takes Courage to Seek Help

  Last month, the Rockstar and the Warrior teamed up to share their experience with PTSD. We hope this video provides help to anyone experiencing PTSD and gives them the courage to reach out for help. Thank you once again, John Roberts, for teaming up with Rick to create this powerful… Read