Four Focus Points for Activation: Acceptance

By Lauren Monroe You’ve taken the first two steps to activating your power. You’ve made time to sit in awareness and let the worlds – both inner and outer – pass through you, and you’ve chosen where to focus your attention. Simply by practicing awareness and focusing your attention, you’re… Read

Four Focus Points for Activation: Attention

By Lauren Monroe Not too long ago, I asked you to do something that should be simple but can be a nearly impossible challenge. I asked you to move beyond the distractions that occupy your mind on a daily basis: your job, your family, your financial situation, your iPhone. I… Read

Four Focus Points for Activation: Awareness

  By Lauren Monroe   At times in our life, our inspiration and connection to our purpose feels lost. The treadmill of life leaves us feeling dissatisfied. On the surface, life appears fine, but within, we feel a longing for more joy and fulfillment. We’re waiting, breath held, for that… Read

Building Community in a Society of Lone Wolves

By Philip Folsom Our society romanticizes the lone wolf. He appears again and again in our popular culture as an aspirational guide for boys and men. He is Rambo, single-handedly battling a society that has cast him out. He is the High Plains Drifter, exacting revenge against a town that… Read

Powering Up Positivity

By Dr. Stephen Trudeau Psychologist in Private practice, Motivational Speaker. Author of the book, Courage to Thrive: Triumph in the Face of Adversity.   Many of us seek counseling as a way of eliminating negativity from our lives, which is often the consequence of feeling unable to balance our desires… Read