Live at Folktale Winery

  Lauren Monroe’s performance at The Folktale Winery in Carmel Valley, California — was a Benefit Concert serving wounded U.S soldiers recovering from trauma for Project Resiliency with special guest Rick Allen on percussion, Jesse DeCarlo on guitar, Steve Ocello on bass guitar, Bill Spencer on keyboard, Mike Shannon on… Read

Do Nothing Meditation

By Michael W. Taft The sages of many spiritual traditions have said that the highest state of spiritual awakening is present in our minds at all times. Total enlightenment has always been there, is there now, and always will be there. In Buddhism this is referred to as the Buddha… Read

Four Focus Points for Activation: Stepping Into Action

By Lauren Monroe In the last three webinars we have explored moving into awareness, living in attention and being in acceptance. We’ve practiced embracing our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and we’ve delved into experiencing compassion and insight for ourselves and others. The fourth and final step in activating your power is… Read