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The Healing Benefits of Massage

Emotions are stored in the body. We all can feel when we are stressed and our neck feels tight or when our stomach feels upset but it often takes more awareness to connect our emotions to what is happening in the body. We can carry emotional baggage in our bodies… Read

The Art Of Acceptance

When we find ourselves in a situation in which our buttons are being pushed, we can choose to repress or act out, or we can choose to practice. If we can start to do the exchange, breathing in with the intention of keeping our hearts open to the embarrassment or… Read

One is a Rockstar. One is a Warrior. Both Have PTSD.

Rick Allen, drummer for the rock band Def Leppard, and John Roberts, warrior and EVP of warrior relations at Wounded Warrior Project come from two very different worlds, but share one thing in common, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They joined together to send a message of hope and help to… Read

Healing Post Traumatic Stress

June is PTSD Awareness Month and all of us here at Project Resiliency and Raven Drum are sharing our work and commitment to helping veterans who are suffering after combat. There are so many new effective treatments that are helping soldiers come home. We can’t allow even 1 of our… Read

Choosing Peace Over Stress

Choosing Peace over stress is a practice that can change your life from feeling out of control to centered and present. This article written by teacher and scientist Joan Borysenko gives an informative and entertaining description of how we can choose peace in moments of stress and learn how to… Read