Yearly Archives: 2015

Holiday Resilience

By Kent A. Corso. If there is one thing we can all count on, it is the holidays arriving each year. Just like birthdays, whether we are old or young, excited about them or not, they will arrive at the same time every 365 days. For some, the holidays bring… Read

The Burden of Depression on Returning Vets

Since depression is often compared to a heavy burden, it might seem like a natural progression to compare it with a ruck march, one of those endless forced marches that prepare young soldiers for life in the military. Like a ruck march, soldiers suffering with depression aren’t told when it… Read

Boundaries & Happiness

By Jodi Gaines  Draw a line in the sand on a crowded public beach, and wait. Soon enough, that line will be crossed — by a person, a bird, a wave or even a random gust of wind. Think of a boundary as just that — an artificially drawn line… Read

Alternative Paths to Healing

Traditional care for veterans with PTSD has primarily relied upon cognitive-behavioral therapy and pharmacological therapy. However, medical experts are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of alternative treatments as a supplement to the traditional therapies. In the March/April 2014 issue of Social Work Today, Karen Soltes, LCSW, MAED, E-RYT, a founding… Read

What Horses Can Teach Us

By Dr. Val of Stand InBalance Sleek, agile, and muscular, horses are the embodiment of power. Some breeds are capable of pulling three times their own body weight, and we humans have harnessed this strength over the millennia to our own benefit. Horses have plowed our fields allowing us to provide… Read